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Originally Posted by N9JIG View Post
I have a person who is not hearing the PC-WIN Site A system on her 996P2. She is on the east side of town in the Team 4 area and the radio is showing "Finding Control Channel".

We verified the freqs in the radio are as listed in the database and she is hearing conventional traffic in the area, including weather and other operations.

Is there someone in Tucson that can verify that the database freqs for Simulcast A are correct?

I updated the RRDB entry for Simulcast A this morning to correct a few of the voice frequencies there were still showing the old frequencies, not the frequencies that changed when PCWIN rebanded a while back. But those database changes were for voice frequencies only. The control channels have been correct for a while, so my change was not necessary for modern scanners to work fine (and won't affect them).

Put another way, as others have said, the database entry for Simulcast A is and has been fine for scanner use. This would not explain why her 996P2 isn't even finding a control channel, but one of your customer's problems is that she is trying to use a 996P2 to monitor a P25 simulcast system in the first place; as most of us know that is a very sketchy proposition. My SDS100, on the other hand, has been working fine during drives around the east side of town in Team 4.
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