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Originally Posted by morfis View Post
Isn't Machine Type Mismatch related to 32 bit and 64 bit? Had it occur on a work machine but not on my home ones. Work is 10 Professional...home is home
Well I'm using Windows 10 Professional x64; I've tried both example files I could located (x86 and x64) from this link (FFTW Installation on Windows) as well as another one, which I cannot recall but it was from another post here on Additionally, I also sent an email off to DSD+ FastLane as well. I'm open to just about any and all suggestions at this point on this.

I'm having another issue in this build of DSD+ FastLane as well with a Cap+ system and it not recognizing it's pseudo NetworkID I assigned and thus not calling the Sites and Frequencies from the files section when trying to decode; works great for Con+ and P25 systems but it never fills in the Cap+ information and I followed all the examples here on I could find as well. The Cap+ system just reports as "Cap+ Site: 1 DCC: 1" so I setup a network called "Cap+, 9096, "Name of the System" and then the Sites file has "Cap+, 9096, 1, "Proving Grounds" followed by the frequencies, example: "Cap+, 9096, 1, 1, 462.3000, 467.3000, 0"; I assume I'd just doing something wrong, but I cannot figure out what exactly.
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