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Originally Posted by W2GLD View Post
Well I'm using Windows 10 Professional x64; I've tried both example files I could located (x86 and x64) from this link (FFTW Installation on Windows) as well as another one, which I cannot recall but it was from another post here on Additionally, I also sent an email off to DSD+ FastLane as well. I'm open to just about any and all suggestions at this point on this.
The FL docs tell you to download and extract the libfftw3f-3.dll file to your DSD+ folder. That's all you have to do. It's the largest file in the zip; its size is 2,391,615 bytes, so just make sure you're extracting the correct file.

Your screenshot says that Windows has an issue with your libusb-1.0.dll file, not with any other file. The libusb-1.0.dll file I have here, that is working fine with regular dongles and Airspys, is 95,744 bytes in size. It appears to be the same file that's found in

I'm having another issue in this build of DSD+ FastLane as well with a Cap+ system and it not recognizing it's pseudo NetworkID I assigned and thus not calling the Sites and Frequencies from the files section when trying to decode; works great for Con+ and P25 systems but it never fills in the Cap+ information and I followed all the examples here on I could find as well. The Cap+ system just reports as "Cap+ Site: 1 DCC: 1" so I setup a network called "Cap+, 9096, "Name of the System" and then the Sites file has "Cap+, 9096, 1, "Proving Grounds" followed by the frequencies, example: "Cap+, 9096, 1, 1, 462.3000, 467.3000, 0"; I assume I'd just doing something wrong, but I cannot figure out what exactly.
The frequency records belong in your DSDPlus.frequencies file, not the sites file.
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