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Originally Posted by slicerwizard View Post
The FL docs tell you to download and extract the libfftw3f-3.dll file to your DSD+ folder. That's all you have to do. It's the largest file in the zip; its size is 2,391,615 bytes, so just make sure you're extracting the correct file.

Your screenshot says that Windows has an issue with your libusb-1.0.dll file, not with any other file. The libusb-1.0.dll file I have here, that is working fine with regular dongles and Airspys, is 95,744 bytes in size. It appears to be the same file that's found in

The frequency records belong in your DSDPlus.frequencies file, not the sites file.
First, yes I followed the docs and that's how I replaced the "libfftw3f-3.dll" whis is how I got to the error shown in the screenshot; prior to having this .dll I wasn't able to get this far. I have also confirmed, since this is a clean install that I have present the "libusb-1.0.dll" as well from the original package for DSD+ as you have noted and I still get this error upon startup; replaced it again this evening as you suggested, same error. I cannot get past this blocker.

As for the files. yes I know that these are all different files. As I stated, the "NetworkID" is in the "DSDPlus.networks" file. The site is in the "DSDPlus.sites" file and the frequencies are in the "DSDPlus.frequencies" file. I have attached the screenshots here as well; does not display the frequencies in the CC activity window no matter what I change them to; this isn't an issue for anything besides Cap+ systems.
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