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Originally Posted by W2GLD View Post
Okay after some additional digging into this tonight it appears there is an issue with this build of DSD+ and the airspy.dll v1.0.9.0.
Sounds like you were trying to use 64 bit DLLs.

It was suggested that I grab the dll's from the latest SDRSharp folder and copy them into DSD+ and now I can start FMPA all of a sudden.
Because those are 32 bit DLLs.

And now that DSD+ is working through FMPA, the Cap+ file issue is also resolved; interesting that using the DSDPlus.exe to monitor the control channel yields different results than when using it through the FMPA.exe;
I assume you mean different results when using SDR# vs using FMPA.

From the DSD+ 2.8 docs:

when a TCP link from FMP24 or FMPA is used and Cap+ is detected, DSD+ will scan the entries in DSDPlus.frequencies for a Cap+ entry with a frequency value that matches the frequency that FMP24 or FMPA is tuned to; if a match is found, DSD+ will use the network ID value from that Cap+ frequency entry as the current system ID

No FMPA equals no system ID and no trunk tracking.
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