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Originally Posted by rakotter View Post
I really don't understand why so many people complain about the Uniden's having issues with P25. I use a 996P2 monitoring Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale and MCSO without any issues.

Here are a few captures I have uploaded using the 996 - /scanner/record_archives/scanner_audio_trunk/
Simulcast reception is ALL about your location in relation to system towers. If my house was located where my office is, I might feel just as you do, as I get great reception with ANY digital scanner, with one tower in sight and others at least partially blocked by terrain, and farther away.

Moving within the middle area between two or three towers with relatively equal exposure / antenna height, you will quickly find that scanners that don't demodulate LSM (like the 996P2) will struggle horribly with any simulcast system. A drive around inside of a valley simulcast with a BCD396 or a BCD436 handheld will clearly demonstrate the issue. And it's not a Uniden thing, it's a "non-LSM demodulating scanner thing", as in any make or model that wasn't designed for LSM. Anything other than a professional radio, a Unication G4/5, or the SDS100 will suffer these issues which many like to call "simulcast distortion" (hate that term but it stuck).
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