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Hard to say since I don't own a TRX-2. However ....

I have noticed that some *extremely* strong signals, the agc might be cutting off that first syllable. Maybe - just a guess. By strong I mean the planes that are on ILS approach directly above me, and can be heard with no antenna at all.

Try it with no agc, and maybe with the attenuator on, unless it kills your reception. I don't know what your environment is like, so maybe some underlying noise / desense is contributing to the issue?

All conjecture at this distance, and it has to be super extreme for me to notice that - and not on all planes either.

Sidenote: I mention this often, but I use a special duck that is very NARROW banded for GA monitoring with most of my scanners: The Icom FA-B02AR. Used on their transceiver line, so you get them at pilot shops, or FBO counters sometimes. Unlike most scanner related antennas, this thing is super narrow banded, and really helps tame the front end. Just thought I'd mention it because to me, with scanner front-ends, that thing is worth it's weight in gold.

Not good for listening to anything else because of it's narrow nature. Which is GOOD if you are specializing in airband vhf monitoring. I've used them on quickie roll up window mounts too when mobile. Stiff enough to survive for awhile in the wind.
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