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Originally Posted by hertzian View Post
hypersight - now you have me wondering about something....

Other than the usual suspects like
1) Are you scanning a long scanlist - it takes time to come around
2) Are you just monitoring / paused?
3) Do you have a priority check happening?

While I haven't noticed it much, I wasn't looking for the issue. Brought back a concern waaay back when I was using scanners that had a built-in battery-saver and no way to defeat it!

When monitoring a single frequency, on a scanner using a default battery saver (actually monitoring packet radio decodes back in the day), the solution was to put two identical freqs (objects for us now) in the same scanlist, and scan. That defeated any battery save.

I can't find an optionin the manuals for battery save, so I'll ask if maybe there's a tiny one, like a .2 ratio on by default when paused. Not necessary for a TRX-2, but I'll ask anyway....

Hi Hertzian.
To answer your questions
1. My airband scanlist is quite small. It just 12 frequencies for my airport.
2. This delay happens when the scanner is paused.
3. No PRI check on at all.
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