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Originally Posted by Ubbe View Post
It's the mute function of the audio amplifier that is the problem. It is very slow of unmuting the audio so that you miss the first 1/2 second. In the recordings you do not miss anything, instead it unmutes too early so you record a noise burst before an analog non-subtone carrier are received. Probably needed to compensate for slow action with subtones and digital decoding.

You can actully hear the loudspeaker audio rising slowly to full volume during the first couple of milliseconds and it is not like other scanners that you have a distinct on/off type of click.

Of course you notice this only on transmissions that do not have a constant carrier, like in the airband and marine frequencies.


Ah ok. Well that makes sense. I guess there is not a lot that can be done about that since it is a hardware issue.
Thank you Ubbe!
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