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So, here's the breakdown on the combination of settings that wound up sticking. I ran the following in a Virtualbox VM of Windows 8.1, as I've heard CE150 does not work correctly with Win10.

1. CE150 version 2.05 EXP (NOT the narrowbanded US version)
2. Firmware 1.05.00
3. USB programming cable from KJ6ZWL, as mentioned above

I first tried the firmware writer FW7. Used the FW7 binary from the 1.08.00 firmware zip file. All firmware writes were successful.

Next I tried the Wideband Recovery Tool 1.03 (other versions did not have the VX-261/264 listed in the menu), as I had previously tried to use a US version of CE150, without much success. The Wideband Recovery Tool failed in every instance, stating "Product Type Error".

Next, I installed CE150 2.05, over top the US-version CE150 2.04 that I had previously installed. Every attempt to read the radio failed with "Product Type Error", until I selected the lowest available baud rate (38400). Now, it read and wrote to the radio using the default codeplug file included with the CE150 installation.

Now that CE150 and the radio were talking to each other, I attempted to program a code plug I had previously put together. I placed this codeplug in the CE150 program directory, renamed the default codeplug to something else, and renamed MY codeplug to reflect the name of the default (in my case, default261ud.CE150). It worked on the first try!

I have not attempted to change any settings yet, since it is working. That's a project for another day. Hope this helps someone out. All software was sourced from
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