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Originally Posted by sectional86 View Post
Thanks ergbert for the information. Vertex Radio Group - Vertex Standard Radio Programming Software Group is a legit website? It looks like a scam site therefore I did not dare to pay for the membership.

May I know what is this codeplug you are referring to? Is it the file that is saved with the frequency codes to be programmed into the radio?

I paid via PayPal, and received access to their archive of Vertex service manuals and software. In my particular situation it was worth the $35, as opposed to spending time searching, with less than useful results. Time is money, they say.

The codeplug is the settings file created by CE150, either via reading the radio and saving, or by File-New. There are several default files in the same directory as the CE150 program executable, basically blank templates for the model (VX-261 or VX-264), and frequency range (136-174, 400-470, or 450-512 MHz) of your particular radio...

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