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Originally Posted by diskmonger
Why would you want to tear that out? Leave it in for when you re-sell the vehicle.

Doesn't the "emergency feature" work even if your not signed up? I could be mistaken there.

Last time I had an accident I didn't need OnStar to tell me that my air bags had deployed...The giant marshmallow in my face let me know. That and the major power event (battery was severed) failed to even let the computer write the event to memory so I'm not sure an emergency signal would have gotten through.

Aside from that, I was under the impression that unless you pay the monthly...for lack of a better term, monitoring fee the emergency feature will not work.

Resale won't be an issue on this one. For the amount and cost of modifications that have to be done to it for me to be able to drive it I'll be running this beasty into the ground
It was a valid point though.