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Originally Posted by STiMULi
Thanks STiMULi. Some great info in the links on how to find and remove or at least disconnect.

My rant:
On the 2006's this thing communicates quite regularly with GM for vehicle status for everything from oil condition to vehicle speed. Whether you subscribe to their "special" e-mail notification service or not. I'd rather not have them suggest that a faulty part doesn't have warranty coverage because I went a day or two over my oil change date...Big Brother all the way.
Ok, enough rant from me...

As long as I can get it out without disabling anything else I'll be doing so.
And now that I know where the module is I'll have a place to power my scanner from and even an antenna hook up.

The picture in one of the links on how to find and remove the module shows one connector...GPS style.
If I could get a non-GM vehicle to do what I need to do then I'd be buying anything but GM...Or at least pre-OnStar.
And there's NOTHING wrong with a tin-foil hat...I own 2 LOL.

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