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Originally Posted by OutPost
Shhhh..... Most GM owners think it's an antenna that is for the Onstar (GPS) satellite in space, and many discover that if you don't have cellphone service, Onstar doesn't work!

Onstar contracts with Verizon and most calls are analog. The cost per minute to talk to your kid by pushing the Onstar button is about twice as much as if you used your cellphone.

"Welcome to Onstar.....did you know your wallet is empty?"

Actually, the new systems are digital. Bell Mobility is the theft partner in Canada. GM ad Bell recently were proud to announce that they now let you use your cell package minutes with your onstar...for only 20 bucks a month.

GM marketing should just start giving vehicles away for free. The catch being that you'd have to use GM brand gas at 200 bucks a gallon. Pretty much the same scam.

The pic I've seen of the antenna connector looks identical to the one on my Magellan Roadmate. I'll let everybody know what happens once I get to rippin it apart Wouldn't it just be perfect if the controls happened to be in a DIN mount --Oh to dream.