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Originally Posted by WCRadioGuy
I just received this. Maybe this can replace the first post?

1 -Conventional Priority Scan
2 -3 site scan enabled
3 -Public address (Mobiles only)
4 -Group scan
5 -Priority system scan
6 -Wide area system scan & ProScan (Edacs)
7 -Dynamic regroup (Edacs)
8 -Emergency operation (Edacs)
9 -T99 Encode (Two-tone paging encode)
10 -Conventional emergency operation
11 -RX freq. preamp select
12 -AEGIS Digital Voice
13 -VGE encrypted calls
14 -DES encrypted calls
15 -VGS encrypted calls
16 -Mobile Data operation (Edacs & P-25)
17 -Status/Message operation (Edacs)
18 -Test Unit operation
19 -M-RK I Second Bank operation
20 -System Model Keypad operation (MDX)
21 -ESK (Edacs Security Key)
22 -Profile Operation (Edacs)
23 -Narrow Band Operation
24 -Auto power Operation
25 -NOT SUPPORTED - Over-the-air channel set expansion
26 -NOT SUPPORTED - Duplex Interconnect operation (IPE)
27 -NOT SUPPORTED - ProSound Junior (IPE)
28 -Multi-Radio ProSound (MuRPS)
29 -IMBE vocoder operation (ProVoice)
31 -Jaguar Smart Battery
32 -FIPS 140-2 (Signed DSP operation)
33 -P-25 digital voice operation
34 -Direct Frequency Entry (US Government Only)
35 -OTAR (Over-the-air-rekeying)
36 -Cloning
37 -AES Encryption (P-25 only)
38 -TextLink (Edacs only)

WC, i think your list might be a bit more accurate than the first one.

working with some news crews, i became aware that some LPE's showed the Option 21 in the radio, which seemed odd since we weren't using ESK until just recently.

now it seems Option 21 is necessary to do the ESK programming at the local MA/COM shop.

is it safe to assume that you have most options less-then-or-equal-to the greatest numbered option shown in your firmware?

meaning, if you have Option 29, does that assume you also have Option 21?
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