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Originally Posted by landonjensen
Could everyone list what thier dept uses?

Some of that information is department sensitive and not for public consumption. If you listen long enough, you will figure out what everything means on your own.

For instance, listen to a dispatcher send out a call and pretend you didn't know 10 codes.

Car 8, I have a 10-16 going on at 123 Anywhere street. The male half is outisde and the 10-17 has locked herself in a room. She says he owns some possible 10-32's, some automatics.

So, what is going on? Pretty easy to read through it. If you want to know what unit numbers are what, listen closely. Detectives will be doing one thing. Chief officers will be doing something else. District cars will only work in certain areas that you can figure out by quanitfying their calls versus a map. You will figure it out, so listen.
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