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Press Release, Department of Homeland Security (Administrative), 12 October 2005 - regarding statements made at the 112th. Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference:

Law enforcement can keep 10 codes

The Department of Homeland Security has reversed its position on law enforcement "10 codes." During remarks at the 112th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced that FEMA would not require law enforcement agencies to eliminate the numerical codes they use to communicate with dispatchers and each other.

Ten-code elimination would have brought agencies into National Incident Management compliance, and those that did not move toward compliance would not continue to receive preparedness funding. The codes save time and keep sensitive information confidential, but their definitions vary among localities and make it difficult for different jurisdictions to work together. Chertoff asserted that DHS would work to ensure that "we have a common language system for multi-jurisdiction and multi-agency events."

Does anyone have any updates SINCE October 2005?
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