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Default Diamond SRH519 vs SRH815

Hi All.
Besides the 1.5" difference, and the dual band / tri-band differences.....
... How does the Diamond SRH519 and SRH815 antennas compare to each other?

I was really looking at getting the SHR815 for my BR300t to replace the stock antenna.
A coworker went to Dayton, and was only able to locate the SHR519, so he picked one up for me.

Using it strictly as a scanner antenna (my HAM HT only has BNC), does one out perform each other, or are they just about equal in "performance"?

I was still thinking of spending the $30 for the 815...but do I really need two antennas that are almost the same, except for an extra transmit band…that I will never use?

Also, for those of you who buy online...where did you pick yours up from? I was just going to go with HRO or AES, as I was hoping to have it delivered to Long Island before this Memorial Day Weekend.

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