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Originally Posted by Unitrunker
I omitted Mac OS/X and BSD in the subject line (and the Mac build is broke - need to fix that).
Understood on that :3 (And if the Mac build is breaking on getting data from the radio/to the radio, there may be a reason for this--apparently the MacOS X FTDI driver uses a not-quite-standard name for the TTY USB port. Linux uses /dev/ttyUSB0 in general; with MacOS X it's something like /dev/tty.usbserial-GRE-xxxx (where xxxx=the device model number) based on reports I've gotten from MacOS X users who have the GRE USB interface.)

Hamlib? Nah. PSR-500 support - yes. I'd like to add CI-V for the dozen or so radios that speak it.
All good :3 (I know the Hamlib libraries tend to have as many HF rigs as actual ham radio libraries, and they've been asking for scanner stuff--but I personally think this may be better suited to a different library.)

I am so far pleased with the cross-platform compatibility with GCC and GTK+ across these three OSes. When folks ask for software that can run on Linux, I'm not a fan of telling them to run Windows program "X" on top of WINE or some VM environment.
A remote head would be easy once you got past the roundish nav buttons near the top of the keypad. I'm not interested in writing a radio memory manager. To be done well, you have to specialize in one or a few specific models. My goals are bit different - less depth and more breadth. I'd like to re-create the "Tuner" program bundled with Unitrunker for Linux, Mac OS/X and BSD.
In regards to porting stuff to MacOS X, Apple actually has some pretty good documentation on their website for Linux developers/cross-*nix developers who wish to develop for both Linux and MacOS X (which isn't TOO bad as long as you remember some of the basic differences between SysV-family *nixes like Linux and BSD-family *nixes like MacOS X; MacOS X also has some mild wierdness re the use of MachTen kernels versus FreeBSD or OpenBSD, but nothing insurmountable). MacOS X's closest "relative", OS-wise, is NeXT's OS which actually was a fairly typical MachTen-kernel BSD (it can be argued, and HAS been argued, that MacOS X is essentially a "NeXT Daughter")--a lot of apps appearing on Linux and *BSD have also been successfully ported to MacOS X.

In regards to use of the GTK+ toolkit--roughly how well behaved is that under MacOS X? (I do not have a Mac at home--merely my Ubuntu box I'm developing on which only *looks* like a Mac thanks to the eyecandy that is Compiz Fusion--and have been waffling between doing GTK+ and WxWidgets for the windowing system for the programming tool; I'd *really* like to use GTK+, as it's far less of a PITA to get things actually *going* with it, but was concerned about how mature the MacOS X port was of it. (No problems at all under Linux, obviously. ) If you're having good results with it, then I can feel safe in doing the windowing system development under GTK+, at least. One less major headache )
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