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Originally Posted by windigofer
And if the Mac build is breaking on getting data
I had a Mac owner test it out - got a "bus error". I was able to reproduce the problem on Linux (the Mac build was from a slightly newer - and less tested - version of the code).
In regards to use of the GTK+ toolkit--roughly how well behaved is that under MacOS X?
I'll be in a better position to answer that when I can revisit doing a Mac build - with the assistance of someone that actually owns a Mac with the relevant dev tools installed.

have been waffling between doing GTK+ and WxWidgets for the windowing system for the programming tool; I'd *really* like to use GTK+, as it's far less of a PITA to get things actually *going* with it, but was concerned about how mature the MacOS X port was of it.
I've heard good things about wxWidgets (back when it was still called wxWindows) from someone who used it.

My main criteria was the ability to do non-blocking IO (concurrent UI + serial port IO + network IO). I figured out how to do that with GTK+ and ran with it. From a compile-and-run perspective - the only change from Linux to OS/X was removing a reference to an RS-232 related IOCTL flag that Linux had and OS/X didn't (same issue I think for BSD). My own coding mistakes aside, the GTK end of things - so far - looks good.

I'm actually doing GTK the hard way by programmatically constructing the dialog. I'll move over to using XML once I get some other IDE issues cleaned up. I couldn't get Anjuta to work so I'm using Netbeans with the C++ dev pack. It works reasonably well with GDB. The main hassle with GTK is most of the tutorials are out-of-date. Some of the examples use gtk_xxxx calls that have been marked as "deprecated" in the documentation.

What I'm really wondering is how well does a binary release work across multiple Linux distro like kernel 2.4 vs. 2.6 or RedHat vs. Slackware.

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