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Originally Posted by ecps92
IF your looking for No Interference [to you and to your CREW] I would go VHF High MURS.

P-25 might cause problems to other [Countries] other than maybe P-25 on amateur.

What band were you going to use P-25 on ?

For me it doesn't really matter..... I can go P25 on UHF or VHF or 800 for that matter. The cheapest radios I have are my UHF ones (XTS1500's) and I would prefer to take those. I was thinking of going 5k off of a standard channel to cut down on interference. Then again I could use a DPL (which most cheap FRS/GMRS radios don't have).

Thanks to everyone for the replies. I am a totally new cruiser and as the communications officer for my "CREW" i want to make sure i'm on top of my game.
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