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Originally Posted by tedler
While that is true, your software still could be made to be aware of which channels I want recorded because it knows which checkboxes I marked. In your database you could save the record flag status for each frequency/TGID, and then just check each incoming recording from the 996 against the DB entry for the channel broadcasting (996 doesn't need to send a rec flag as you already have it in the DB). If the freq/TGID the 996 sends matches what is in your DB, check that channel's rec flag. If enabled, record that channel.
But maybe I am missing something in the way the logic works.

What is VFO mode? Is it when you check the VOX option?

What is VFO mode? VOX I haven’t had much sleep lately.
Sounds like a good request, I may do it after the 1.7 Build 2 release.

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