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n4voxgillThis has nothing to do with the matter at hand in Indianapolis,Indiana. This has been happing for years and Law Enforcment Administration along with the City/County Council members who are elected by voters in Indianapolis/Marion County will also not do anything.These 156Mhz channels are Marine Channels and the frequencies they are using are not licensed by the City of Indianapolis/Marion County.They are indeed "Illegal " and are vilolating FCC rules and regulations.You need to re-check the use of FCC part 90 and let me know where in the rules it states that they can use frequensices "WITHOUT A VAILD LICENSE" I hold 3 licenses, One for my HAM RADIO LICENSE, ONE FOR GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) and one for my other radio.I had to be licensed to use all three and all the City/Counties and or other people have to hold a vaild radio license issued by the FCC to operate on the assigned frequencies.The City Of Indianapolis/Marion County is not a vaild license holder for the 156Mhz frequencies!!!!!