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Originally Posted by W9NES
Hello To All, I found Indianapolis Metro Police Northwest District along with IMPD Southwest last night using frequencies on 156Mhz which are to be used for Marine radio Traffic on the great lakes and down on the Ohio River.I also heard radio traffic on 155.685.*Can you meet me at 17Th and Main Street* If anyone in the Indianapolis area would like to hear these *Illegal Tac radio Channels* just set your scanner to search from 156-157Mhz and you will hear the radio traffic.No these are not images on my Bearcat 300 on my nightstand in the Master bedroom"!!! I will be posting these frequencies. Funny how IMPD gets to use"Illegal Marine VHF Frequencies" I thought those tac radios were taken out back when The Marion County Sheriffs Department was still doing Road patrol across Marion County when Sheriff Jack Cottey issued a order to all of the deputies on the road to "Pull or take out the Tac radios "
Old news, and has been happening for years. Now, there is a provision in the rules that you can use any frequency for low power tactical or something like that. I forget the exact wording.

Yes it is wrong, but complaining about on here the correct course of action and posting the frequncies helpful? I think a letter or phone to the "bosses" would be the first and best step. Or if you are really brave, the next time you see an IMPD cruiser, just walk up tell how you really feel. I'm sure they'll reciprocate in return. Or you can be like Gomer on the Andy Griffith show, he makes a citizens arrest when Barney makes an illigal U-turn. So there you go... free legal advice from the TV.

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