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Default Re: Upgrade

Originally Posted by n8gni
I wanted them to ship it to the Fort Worth location but they claimed their computer would only let them send it to NY?
The center may be listed in their computer as "Radar Detectors Only." Being labeled as such doesn't force them to only use it for that, but it may confuse them. Most scanner issues will be handled by their default center, but DSP upgrades should only go to service center 40-0804.

We got memos on 6/28/04 and 7/20/04 reassigning our service center locations. If it's not in their system, ask them to use the "news" search on their store's homepage to search for "service center updates." This will tell them how to add the proper service center entry if it's not listed. This memo also tells them to send all general repairs to their default center, so you may have to persuade them to think outside the box.

Of course, there may be different assignments outside of my region so don't just ***-u-me that they're clueless. But since 40-0804 is the only repair center that can do the DSP upgrade directly rather than trans-shipping to a different location, it probably should be in everyone's system just for that.
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