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Originally Posted by pocho
I got my PRO-96 from Ebay a few weeks ago. The CPU version is 1.1. Will I still be able to send it in for the upgrade, even though I didn't purchase it directly from RadioShack? I think a reciept is needed. Is it even worth the hassle to send it in to be upgraded? thx.
As CPU 1.2 came out over a year ago, I doubt your scanner is still under warranty (and it likely has an 08A03 date code - production 8/03 to 1/04). But yes, they would need an original bill of sale to determine the date the warranty started.

As to whether it's worth the hastle, that sound like 'my que'...
(I've only posted this a few dozen times on various boards/lists)

V1.1 is the original version. (Released with scanner 8/03)
V1.2 fixes the TG lockout (above CH 4-08 ) bug. (Released 1/04)
V1.3 fixes the 48xxx TG reception problem. (Released 6/04)
(47872, 47888, 47904, 47920, 47936, 47952, 47968, 47984,
48000, 48016, 48032, 48048, 48064, 48080, 48096, 48112)

Note that the 48xxx TG problem only affects ANALOG TGs, not digital.

That said, there seems to be a number of systems potentially affected.
There is a list here:

Whether it is necessary to upgrade depends on whether you want to listen
to any of the affected TGs. Bug #1 is easily worked around (fill up TG
bank 4 first). If there are no TGs you want to listen to, odds are there
never will be. I decided it was better off for me to not lose my scanner
for 6 weeks for an upgrade I really didn't need - even though I do
travel to an area with an affected system. There aren't any TGs I can
live without as much as losing my 96 for 6 weeks (That's how long it was
running when I was still under warranty). It may be down to 2 weeks now
if you are really lucky, but I still prefer to not lose 2 weeks worth of
use over an upgrade I may never use.

The upgrade is free as long as your unit is under warranty, and is $45
if it is not still under warranty. If you have to have the upgrade, but
can wait, you may be better off waiting until the end of your 1-year
warranty period just in case they come out with V1.4.

Joe M.
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