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I have a ham license too, but I cannot tell you what the callsign is, it's secret. I also monitor esoteric frequencies like 144.2 FM USB and 927 MHz. I like to listen to 147.54 to hear what Brett is talking about, but I never tell anyone I'm there so they won't know I'm listening! I'm also known to be on a couple of 220MHz repeaters as well. I also like to listen to 155.160, 151.625 (PL 123.0) GMRS 462.700 (PL 123) and FRS Channel 7 (PL 123.0) My former ham call was WB7ULH and I got that back when you had to drive to Denver to take the test. I remember loading my old Heathkit tube radio in the car, driving to Denver and passing the test and driving back happy I could chat on the radio. Huge old radio with a big honking power supply. Worked well on a top loaded vertical. I hang out on the noon net freq of 7268.5
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