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Default Re: pro96 cpu upgrade

Originally Posted by Dubbin
Originally Posted by n8gni
I sent mine in Jan 12th and I still don't have it back? I really think they have lost it!
Have you called them yet like I suggested?
I emailed customer service and they called the store. The manager told them that the

"scanner was returned from the service center last
week unrepaired because parts were no longer available"
"He said they are currently attempting to
order a replacement scanner from the warehouse."

So it looks like something got broke that can't be replaced or they no longer have the new CPU's? I think they still have access to the new CPU's as three people have said they have sent their scanners in after mine was sent in and they have been returned in working order!
Hopefully I didn't make the store manager mad, but I didn't know that
the radio had already been returned to them.

I don't know how long it would take to get a replacement, but I do hope it's new and not a referb.
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