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Quiz Solutions

1. (c) The faster the shutter speed, the darker the photo will come out but the less camera shake blur there will be if you're shooting handheld. The higher the denominator number, the faster the shutter speed is, which gives the camera less time to collect light that is saved into the image, resulting in a darker photo. But the shorter timeframe of collecting light also reduces the amount of blurriness saved into the image as well.

Suppose you snap a photo of a running dog and the dog runs 3 feet during the time that the shutter is open, the camera will record and save 3 feet worth of blurriness into the photo. Now suppose you use a faster shutter speed and perhaps the dog only moves three-tenths of an inch during
the time that the shutter is open, now you'll only get 3/10 of an inch worth of blurriness.


2. (a) Underexposed simply means the picture came out too dark, so to compensate for this in manual mode you have to adjust the settings to make it brighter. Increasing the ISO makes the camera sensor more sensitive to light, resulting in a brighter (but noisier) image. Decreasing the f-number means that you're opening up the aperture (widening the "iris" of the camera) which allows more light to hit the sensor making for a brighter picture.

Answer (b) is incorrect because increasing the shutter speed will make the picture come out even more underexposed. Letter (c) is wrong because "stopping down" the aperture means you are making the aperture smaller (narrowing the "iris" by increasing the f-number) which lets in less light further underexposing the photo. Letter (d) is incorrect since reducing the ISO setting makes the picture come out darker as well.


3. (b) A more stopped-down aperture (higher f-number) causes various different distances of the subject to appear in better focus than wider apertures. Notice how in letter (d) only part of the weather radio appears to be in focus, but with letter (b) almost the entire radio looks in focus. This indicates that letter (b) was taken with a smaller aperture. Answer (a) is not the best answer because the photo is more underexposed with high ISO nose than anything, and letter (c) is also not the best answer because the entire photo is simply out of focus making it too hard to judge the depth-of-field.


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