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Originally Posted by mrbama97 View Post
I received a new Pro 164 for my birthday last night and was wondering if anyone had any tips, tricks, or hints they could share. I already have a BC-80XLT so the Pro 164 is a little bit different. Any information would be greatly appreciated. (My wife got a great deal on it.)

Thanks in advance.

Way bit different) The manual will have you tearing hair out of your head and blood shooting out of your eyes. The Win97 software is the way to go. You will need the RS 20-047 programming cable. I've had mine since Saturday and love it. It is complimenting an older BC895. I like the 1K memories and the alphatags. I got it and the cable with the 30% off coupon. They added a lot to this scanner to make it a great upgrade from the 2055.
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