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Default New Inyo National Forest Link Frequencies

Some preliminary results of my searching for the new Inyo National Forest UHF link frequencies:

Forest Net (168.125 MHz)

409.1875 downlink 418.1875 uplink

Admin Net (168.725 MHz)

406.3875 downlink 415.3875 uplink

Air Guard (168.625 MHz)

406.325 downlink 415.325 uplink

The uplink frequencies are not verified but assumed from the NTIA Redbook direction that up links be 9 MHz higher than the down links. The Forest and Admin Nets down links are not repeating the up links as they did in the past before narrow banding. Both transmit whatever repeater input tone is used to key up the 168.125 and 168.725 repeaters. I haven't copied any traffic on the Air Guard yet, both to verify that this is the correct frequency for the downlink or to hear if the uplink is repeated on the downlink. I have a strong suspicion that the downlink frequency is correct. The 110.9 standard tone for Air Guard is not being passed along on the downlink.

I also have a possible frequency for the downlink of the Service Net (171.500 MHz):

410.700 downlink 419.700 uplink

This one is not passing the repeater access tone on the downlink so I cannot verify it.

I will continue to monitor and log to verify the above. All the above remote bases are located on Silver Peak, in the White Mountains, northeast of Bishop.

I also have copied unknown traffic on 408.300 MHz. It was a repeater of some sort, unknown if it was a downlink from a remote base or an actual repeater. Traffic copied was "Four Oh Four Clear" along with some other traffic I could not copy well enough to write down due to the speed it was spoken. I will continue to listen for this one and try to pin down what agency it is. There is very little federal radio traffic on the east side of the Sierra except for the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, BLM, and a small amount of U.S. Geological Survey traffic. This does not sound like any of those agencies and I'm not sure it is from the east side of the Sierra, although I've not heard anything from the west side on UHF before.
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