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Default Inyo NF link frequencies.

Bill from Reno again. That is very interesting that you found the new link frequencies where you did. I'm particularly curious about the link for the Admin Net that you found (406.3875) because about a month ago, I definitely heard Admin Net traffic being repeated from 406.275 off of Silver Peak and also Forest Net traffic on 406.250 from Cerro Gordo. In response to your comment about the downlink frequencies no longer transmitting the uplink traffic: I found that the Susanville District BLM Fire Net used to repeat all traffic on 417.275 (uplink and downlink), now 417.275 only repeats the downlink. I found that 167.075 (the input to the repeater) was carrying all Dispatch traffic, so by listening to both 417.275 and 167.075, I was able to hear the entire conversation. I wonder since you are in listening range of Silver Peak, if you listen to 409.1875 and 173.800, if you will encounter a similar situation. Please let me know what you find. Take care.
Bill B.
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