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Does the down link repeat the up link? If it does that is quite nice for those in the Reno area that want to hear all of the Tahoe. It is interesting that you are hearing this link as I would guess it it there for the Truckee Ranger Station and is aimed to the northwest rather than the northeast toward Reno.

I don't seem to be picking up the down link that was repeating the back country net of Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks. It was interesting being able to hear them as my reception due south is really non-existent due to the dramatic topography to the south of town. This same topography is most likely the reason I can pick up 800 MHz traffic all the way from the Sweetwater electronic site near the Highway 395/108 junction. The mountain slopes seem to act as a reflector.

The 408.300 signal I'm copying may be coming from the west side of the Sierra. I believe it may be a Bureau of Reclamation link. I'm copying traffic about diversions and such. I can't imagine picking up traffic from the west side as the only repeater sites I've picked up from the west side are the Mt. Tom and Shuteye Peak repeaters on the Sierra NF nets and some CDF and OES traffic from the Joaquin Ridge repeater site near Coalinga. My coax needs to be replaced and my signal loss through it it quite high so picking up anything from the west side on 400 MHz seems unlikely. I'm picking up a tone of 110.9 consistently so the signal is quite strong.

The logging program for the new PSR-600 on Don Starr's software is very nice. I'm going to be finding lots of new frequencies with it.

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