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Originally Posted by Station81FirstAlarm View Post
I was in Downieville (TNF) the past few days. While there I was trying to figure out the UHF link off of Ruby Bluff. I tried the freq. listed on RR as well as a 409.65/419.65 combination found on another site, both to no avail. Search function was difficult, as the family's scanner is quite dated that I was trying to program. If anybody has data for the Ruby Bluff UHF link to the Downieville Ranger Station (TNF), please post or shoot me a PM. Tks
The link frequency combination you cited would actually have a 418.650 up link corresponding to a 409.650 up link. The difference is 9 MHz, not 10 MHz.

Thanks Silverspy, for pointing out where Silver Peak is. It is a peak whose name, as Silverspy indicated, is unofficial and has not been accepted by the Board of Geographical Place Names and placed on U.S. Geological Survey topographical maps. If you have a computer program with CD's for the topos in California that use USGS maps then go to Disk 6 "Yosemite", and find the words "Radio Facilities" at about 37 24' 43" by 118 11" 18" and you will see a peak just to the southeast whose elevating is approximately 10,825 feet. The electronic equipment is located as far south as the peak and on the west side of the north-south ridge that leads up to it. It has a fabulous view of the Owens Valley and the Sierra.

The Forest Service equipment was moved from there to a secret squirrel spot a bit distant from Silver. It is called by another unofficial name, McKee Peak. This in honor to Lucy McGee, Inyo National Forest soil scientist and other skills extraordinare, who lost a battle to cancer in the 1990's in her late 30's. To all who knew her and worked with her, she is dearly missed. I'm not sure, but the radio tech that gave the peak this name may have filed a naming request with the board I mentioned previously.

When the McKee Peak site is named on the radio it is still "Tone 8" and when people call it a name they still say "Silver." Now all who read this know this is not quite accurate and the story behind it.

All I have for all my years with the Forest Service is some how a bike trail on the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park carries my last name. The head of the Bike Park is a neighbor of mine and I have to ask him at some time how the trail got that name. It might be due to me or more likely not. I did work closely with Mammoth Mountain's transportation department when I was working for the Forest Service so there is a slight chance the trail carries my name for a reason. Then again if it does, it might not be a compliment, so I might just leave it be and not ask my neighbor.

Now if you want a list of local, unofficial names, the ones Caltrans uses on the radio are the most numerous of any entity in the area. 395 has locations like "Hazel's Hole" and a number of other colorful names. Because of my interest in Caltrans radio traffic, I have button holed more than one Caltrans employee in developing a list I use to decipher their traffic.

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