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I am 5'10 and have no problems in the HHR, the 2008 seat adjusts up and down maybe the old ones didnt, but if you are 6'4" you might have a problem. The scion may have more headroom but the HHR has more room then the PT cruiser, scion and element in the back, gets better gas mileage and the employee pricing was nice

yes I used diamond HAM hatch mounts (pricey at $73 each at HRO) in lieu of magmounts. on my old car I used mag mounts but didnt want to do that on a brand new one. if I had the roof rack I might have gone that route with a motorized mount, I used diamond foldover 7700NMO antennas and in one of them I used an antenna element from a wideband scanner antenna vs the dual band diamond element. I had RG58 cable so I used that for the scanner

the diamond antenna mounts use RG316 coax cables which make it easy to get in the hatch grommet and then transition to PL-259
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