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Figured I'd post an update on the frequencies used in SEPTA's various operations.

I'll start with the trunk system first. The primary control channel is 502.4875. The alternates are 502.5375, 502.5625, and 502.6125. The primary voice channels are 502.5875, 502.6375, and 502.7125. The alternate control channels can also function as voice channels. 502.5125 and 502.6625 are MDT Channels and should be removed from the trunk system frequencies. Also 502.6875, 502.7375, 502.7625, and 502.7875 should also be removed from the trunk system frequencies. Those are conventional channels used by the Transit Police, Maintenance of Way, Broad Street Subway, and Market Frankford Line respectively. They are all conventional repeaters with input frequency at 505.6875, 505.7375, 505.7625, and 505.7875. All of these repeaters use a 131.8 PL on the input but are CSQ on the output. I've also monitered some radio maintenance activity on talkgroup ID #1584. Haven't heard anything on it recently but I'm guessing this is an alternate for radio maintenance.

SEPTA Customized Community Transit (CCT) is the paratransit division of SEPTA. Service is contracted out to private operators. From what I understand, CCT is suppose to eventually go trunked. Not sure if they'll join the current trunk system or if they'll get a new one but it is supposed to happen by the end of this year or beginning of next year. I'm not sure of the exact channel number assignments but these are the current frequencies I have for CCT. They are all repeaters and the frequencies themselves are leased from BA Communications I believe it is called.

463.325 / 468.325 PL 162.2
463.875 / 468.875 PL 179.9
463.600 / 468.600 PL 107.2
463.475 / 468.475 PL 203.5
464.150 / 469.150 PL 192.8
464.050 / 469.050 PL 206.5

I believe those are all the frequencies. The 452 frequencies listed in the database for SEPTA CCT are incorrect and should be removed. They are used on Mobile Communications' LTR system.

SEPTA Regional Rail Frequencies have no change for me to note. I will note that the yard ops for Powelton and Roberts Yards on AAR Channel 19 (160.395) use a 141.3 PL.

Now for the biggest question I've been looking for answer for quite some time. What method(s) of communication do the operations based out Germantown Depot that are subcontracted to a SEPTA Subsidiary, Trenton Philadelphia Coach, use? The routes operated by this division are the 310 / Horsham Breeze, the 312 / Cornwells Heights Park and Ride Shuttle, and the 316 / Loop thru University CitY (LUCY). They are not a part of the trunk system since they do not have the MDTs in them used with the trunk system. Also, can anyone verify that the contract ops based out of Krapf's Coaches in West Goshen use Krapf's frequencies? I've never been able to hear any SEPTA contract ops on radio (not counting CCT). If anyone can provide me an answer, please do so!
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