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Originally Posted by JRM5204 View Post
453.2125, 453.4625, 453.7125, 453.8625 are the nationwide U-TAC Channels and have a PL156.7 on the input and the output can be CS or PL156.7. I have not heard any activity on these channels except for SEPTA PD on 453.4625 PL131.8 one short transmission. You would figure Bucks, Delaware, Camden, Gloucester and Salem Counties would take advantage of these channels if there radios drop down to 453 range.

SEPTA Police HQ has a PPD radio to talk directly to J-Band. They also have that gateway that can patch/connect their radio into a city talkgroup.

The old PPD frequencies SEPTA has now is reportedly for a new Transit Police trunked system.
I was told that Lt. Boukouris is no longer with SEPTA PD. Just last week, Philly OEM also lost their interop guru to DHS. Without these two guys, there is a major gap in the region's interop communications abilities (they were really leading the charge). Sadly, there are not that many people in the region who are interested in really having workable solutions that end users actually know about or know how to use. The regional microwave network linking all the counties around Philly in PA/NJ/DE/MD* came online this year, but still needs to be fleshed out and 911 staff still need training. None of the counties have plans for UTAC repeaters that I've heard. PA has been licensing UTAC repeaters across the state as gateways for locals to link to the OpenSky system. The VHF interop channels will also fall by the wayside locally. They were licensed and used for the past few years as an interim step to the SECOM microwave system and will become back-ups to the SECOM net. The SECOM system allows counties to set up multiple interop patches (at least six pathways per county) at the console level. It will also have data transfer capability, supports VOIP phone links between counties, and will be a much more robust system vs. just using the VHF interop channels for county to county comms.

Even though SEPTA established a RIOS interop system in the area, the individual counties (at least on the PA side) ended up standardizing on another interop box (name escapes me right now). This system is set up in each of the county field comm mobile command units and includes a bank of mobiles from each county all able to be linked together via the box. If you get a tour in any of the comm vehicles at public event, you can see this set up in a rack somewhere in the vehicle.

* - Philly, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery in PA; Camden, Burlington, Salem, Gloucester in NJ; New Castle in DE; Cecil in MD (future add on).

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