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Originally Posted by Septa3371CSX1 View Post
Now for the biggest question I've been looking for answer for quite some time. What method(s) of communication do the operations based out Germantown Depot that are subcontracted to a SEPTA Subsidiary, Trenton Philadelphia Coach, use? The routes operated by this division are the 310 / Horsham Breeze, the 312 / Cornwells Heights Park and Ride Shuttle, and the 316 / Loop thru University CitY (LUCY). They are not a part of the trunk system since they do not have the MDTs in them used with the trunk system. Also, can anyone verify that the contract ops based out of Krapf's Coaches in West Goshen use Krapf's frequencies? I've never been able to hear any SEPTA contract ops on radio (not counting CCT). If anyone can provide me an answer, please do so!
For the 204, 205, 306, and 314 buses Krapf's (or, Krap(f)s as I refer to them on transit related boards) uses Nextel to communicate between base and the drivers. I can confirm this since I'm stuck riding the 314 to work every weekday (though, that will soon change an not a second too soon).

On a radio related note, I will be back in the market for a digital scanner within a matter of weeks. R&R Communications, here I come!
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