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Originally Posted by n7lxi View Post
By "no holes" I mean no huge brackets screwed into the dash or NMO antenna holes drilled in the roof.
That's my point. If the radio is heavier than one of these handheld scanners, there's basically not a good way to mount the radio without drilling holes for a bracket of some sort. You will either have problems with the radio moving around too much, with it being too easy to steal, or some other issue. I tried attaching a CB to the lower part of the dashboard of a Chevy Celebrity, using velcro. It worked until I hit a bump and the radio crashed to the floor. After a couple of times of that nonsense happening, I undid my bright idea. LOL! I am not familiar with your radio, but if it is one of those with a detachable face, then you will have some options, like brackets that clip on to the vents.
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