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Default FT-8100R in 2001 Forester

I mounted a Yaesu FT-8100R in my 2001 Forester in a "no holes" fashion, using many of the techniques wx4cbh mentioned in his reply.

The radio body is mounted under the front passenger seat using the mounting bracket and Velcro that happens to stick to the factory carpet very well. Direct power from the battery was run to that location, it is fused at the battery and I found an unused hole in the firewall with a grommet in it to feed to power cable through. Ok, I guess that's the one hole, but its in a grommet and not the sheet metal...

The face of the radio is mounted in the center dash pocket/storage tray that I see you still have in a newer model Forester - that place where the optional gauge package goes on top of the dash. Radio Shack used to sell a car radio installation kit that came with lots of great brackets you could adapt for most installs. I used a couple of them to mount the radio face bracket with automotive double stick tape and then Velcroed again to the car surface, this time the interior of the dash pocket. The control cable was routed from the radio body up to the radio face along the center hump and then up the dash. The cable runs along the face of the dash neatly in a crease between panels for about 10 or 12 inches - looks like the design has changed for your Forester so that crease is no longer there.

I ran a mic extension cable from the radio face under the dash and over to near the hood release. There I connect in the stock mic and hang it on the drivers door - again with the automotive double stick tape.

I have a Diamond NR-770HB antenna mounted on a Diamond K9000LM motorized antenna mount (to fit in the garage) which is mounted to my luggage rack. The coax set I used has about 15 inches of RG-174 small diameter coax on the antenna end that allowed me to bring it in on top of the rear hatch weather stripping and then under an interior panel to be routed all the way up to the passengers seat.

All of this has been in operation for eight years without any problems, except for forgetting to lower the antenna a few times (clang!). No holes in any part of the car except the firewall grommet.

As a side note, I'm now planning a new install that will replace some of my gear and add some new stuff. I'm going to pull out the factory double-DIN stereo and put in a single-DIN HD radio and also a PRO 197 scanner. I'm going to change out the FT-8100R for a FT-7800R, and in the process clean up the radio face mounting. I have on order the housing for the optional gauge package (minus the gauges), to which I will fashion a mount for the FT-7800R (or the scanner, I haven't decided which will be up top yet). That housing is probably available for your model year as well if you want to go for a more integrated look. As it is now I can actually pull up the radio face from the pocket and push it back in the pocket and then close the pocket cover for security.

Let me know if you want to see some pictures of the install or if you have any questions.

Christopher NC6T
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