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Cool AR3000A reset problem

I have an AR3000A Scanner. If it has been disconnected from all power for a fair while upon turning on it will not start in an ordered fashion. All the display characters are on and the scanner is 'hung'.
I replaced the 3V batt which was dead but to no avail.
My understanding is that before the main control micros starts up they are often held low by a charging RC cct waiting for other sections to startup.
However the 3V batt sits on the micro reset pin.
Pressing the internal RESET gets it all back on track. Can't make it out and I do have the service manual.
Cap actoss the reset button has also been replaced.
I am an experienced techo and old Ham but I've given this unit the time where things usually get 'footballed' out the door but I want the scanner and am prepared to eat humble pie here and ask for help.

Any solutions,experiences,suggestions are welcome.
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