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mparker 04-28-2017 11:07 AM

Sell Vx-7r to get ID-51 plus 2?
I've been thinking about selling my VX7r HT in order to fund a ID-51. I've talked to a guy at HRO that said to keep the Yeasu, it's a really great radio and they can't keep used ones in stock.

What do you guys think? Has anyone made that move?

n2pqq 04-28-2017 12:42 PM

Let me start by saying I do not own a handheld radio.

With that being said I would take a look at the reviews
on Eham.

I t seems the Icom has a higher rating .

The radios have different features and it really boils
down to what you want.

If I where in the market for a Handheld I would be
looking at the Kenwood TH-D74A.

Kenwood TH-D74A D-Star HT

Pricey yes but you have to love that color screen.

Also has a higher rating on Eham .

wrath 04-28-2017 2:58 PM

The VX7R for some reason is much loved in the co
mmunity it's not that it does anything really stupendous ,it is just one of those heavily built radios ,as in its really solid and you can beat the hell out of it (if your into beating on your radio ?) .

N2pqq is on the mark regarding a portable the 74a blows the ID 51 away , much better audio ,better menu system , better battery life and the display is something to behold ,the only option on the Kenwood is the drop in fast charger,Kenwood Mics and accessories are unchanged and floating around anywhere and everywhere for cheap, plus it has APRS plus DSTAR it's as if a someone wanted the fun easy to use 72A and the best features of the 51A and made a ham sandwich, it's a really fun radio, easy on the eyes, and yeah on sale it's a tad bit more expensive then the 51A but as someone who pre-ordered it , I can say I am really happy with it ,if your going to make the leap into a newer HT why not go for the top of the heap, if you do any public service work the APRS is becoming kinda standard in many big events comm set ups, and it's a lot of fun to go beaconing , it's up to you and your tastes as well as wallet ,but the best bang for the money is the 74A , also if you are going to buy wait a little while because Dayton is coming , and there will be sick deals all over , you will also get more money if you sell the VX7R Yourself rather then just trading it in ,look at any radio stores used inventory, the price they are selling used gear for is much higher then what they pay for stuff ,rule of thumb is they pay 1/4 th of what your gear is worth is worth in trade .

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w2txb 05-21-2017 12:12 PM

Many years ago, I had a VX-7R, and it was a great radio for its era. I sold it when I upgraded to the VX-8DR, and is most likely still being used today by its current owner. When I wanted to get into D-STAR a few years ago, I sold the VX-8DR and bought an ID-51A. The ICOM performs better than the two previous Yaesu HT's, but is also of newer technology and a more expensive radio. That being said, I would not go back to even the newest Yaesu HT's, let alone the older ones.

Now, the value of keeping the old Yaesu my be worth more to keep than what it would bring on the used market; it depends upon condition, accessories, and what somebody is willing to pay, and whether what (relatively) little money you could get for it is worth more than tying up that money in keeping it. Maybe keeping the old one is a better option; your result will vary. The down side is that keeping old radios means having a place to store them, maybe because the newer ones are more capable and more fun. The old one may just sit somewhere for months or years.

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