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Old 01-07-2017, 3:40 PM
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Default Details on Baofeng's BF-U1 HP

In search of specification details on Baofeng's new BF-U1 HP handheld.
This sales listing states VHF 136-174 MHz / UHF 400-512 MHz.
Is the BF-U1 HP a display-less, keyboard-less handheld similar
to the 128 channel UV-6?

I've made three inquiries to the eBay seller and have not received an answer.
Any specifics would be appreciated.


LINK : Baofeng BF-U1 HP 136-174/400-520MHz Tri-Power 8W HP 2-Way Radio NEW EK | eBay
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Old 01-17-2017, 4:25 PM
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One of the guys came in today wanting a couple programmed for gmrs (he is licensed) but only cared if it works on gmrs. He is suppose to bring them in next week. While we do professional series equipment we do get bored at times and do those.

I would imagine being a budget entry type unit it'll fall under one of baofeng firmware versions or variations of the bf 888 series. I'll look at chirp or other software when he runs them in but typically that is what they use since the only difference on most of these Chinese entry models is the housing and firmware is same as another model.

If your willing to wait I can fill you in more on what I see when he drops them by next week. I notice the link says vhf and uhf though I believe they are only uhf. I will have to check when he drops them by and I'll post back next week if your willing to wait or unless someone chimes in.

As for new they are more then likely a sidekick using older or similiar firmware to another model of baofeng. If I recall baofeng went defunct and changed to pofung. So it's probably a side kick model and nothing new about its type other then a different housing look.

Since the model says U and not UV as other models this would suspect me to believe it is only uhf.
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Old 01-25-2017, 4:15 PM
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Got to see the BF-u1. It is very small. Light. The housing is plastic. Very cheap. While all baofengs are this one really beats them to the cheap market. Honestly if it was dropped it would appear it would crack the plastic housing. Even the battery is very light plastic.

It is 16 channels. UHF not dual band. You would need to keep a eye out for a VHF. The listing are incorrect I have seen. After my thoughts he decided not to use this and I refused to even program it for gmrs. No FCC tags let alone how cheap the housing is I can only imagine how bad it bleeds over. He left it with me since he only paid around 20 something bucks. Another shelf wonder talking piece item. For gigs I might RX only a few freqs we have to see the audio and or maybe throw it on a bench test.

Honestly if your looking at entry level equipment go for another model. The plastic is similiar to the old radio shack cheap plastic kids walkie talkies (even then those probably beat this) except in the UHF 400 to 470 mhz range. Heck the bubble pack gmrs radios are better quality then the BF-U1. Yes same as pictured silver and black and I would imagine the other housing bf-u1 models are same I looked at after reading your post.

Overall not worth even 20 something bucks.

Only use to me is gutting it and finding a purpose for the housing maybe turning one of the kids toy regular walkie talkies into it gutting both and swapping the guts for a boredom filler project rather then them have toy store orange walkie talkie just do a gut transfer and toss the UHF guts in trash.

I have seen cheap out there but this really beats that to a new level. I would never let a baofeng touch any public safety and in this case this BF-U1 shouldn't even touch gmrs in my opinion just looking at it.

Edit, forgot to mention upon turning it on, a female voice is audible stating power on, then gives the channel announcements, 1, 2, etc.

I also looked on the other and it indeed does have a FCC logo. Strange one does not and one does. Still doesn't change my opinion . Would be a nice prop for a B movie though.

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Old 02-07-2017, 9:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Hoseman292 View Post
In search of specification details on Baofeng's new BF-U1 HP handheld.
This sales listing states VHF 136-174 MHz / UHF 400-512 MHz.
Is the BF-U1 HP a display-less, keyboard-less handheld similar
to the 128 channel UV-6?
I bought one from probably the same seller (identical ad).

This is NOT a dual band radio, nor is it high power.
It's 5w 400-480 MHz 16 channel.

I knew it was too good to be true. I didn't do my homework because it was only $14 shipped.
Seller is getting this back
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Old 02-07-2017, 1:38 PM
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Not sure what this has to do with Asia? Thread closed.

Sorry but I don't accept PM's. Please use email instead.
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