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bob-the-scanner-man 02-05-2014 8:48 PM

Baofeng UV-82, squelch tail
I've got a UV-82 and I keep getting a nasty squelch tail when I monitor a local public safety frequency. Their transmissions come through just fine but I get a pretty loud burst of static immediately after their transmission ends. What can I do to eliminate this? I've tried various STE and squelch settings but nothing seems to help. It also does it on ham frequencies but not quite as bad. None of my other "cheap" radios seem to do this.

It's a great little radio other than this flaw.

k8zgw 02-05-2014 10:23 PM

Static ?
Are you sure that what you are hearing is "static"?
On "my" local public safety system, there is a burst of data
after each transmission, which is the ID of the radio . . .


bob-the-scanner-man 02-06-2014 12:12 AM

It's definitely static. It actually comes right after the burst of data at the end of a transmission.

mm 02-06-2014 12:51 AM

try playing with the settings in the OPTIONAL FEATURE list under WORK BAND.

I'm not sure what these do but TAIL NOISE CLEAR, PASS REPEAT NOISE are 2 menu items that may affect the squelch tail.

I f none of those settings work then try a higher level for the squelch settings default value of 3.

bob-the-scanner-man 02-10-2014 12:36 AM

That didn't seem to change anything. Setting the squelch to 5 didn't change anything either.

I'll keep fiddling with the settings and see if I can figure it out.

DillonPenryn 03-08-2014 4:30 PM

I also have the UV- 82 and this SAME exact problem I talked to a friend of mine and he said exactly what K8ZGW said. I tried changing the frequency and even resetting the radio all together but still nothing! I've had it for less than a week and this kind of upsets me. I love the economical feel of it and that it has a little more of a tough build to it that the UV-5R, but still the whole static problem is a real bummer. Get back to me at my email if you find a way to get rid of this please!!

N6MGW 09-28-2014 1:42 AM

Your radio has a function labeled STE (Squelch Tail Eliminate) which is an on/off switch.

nd5y 09-28-2014 9:43 AM

STE on Baofeng radios is not compatible with normal industry standard CTCSS reverse burst.

Enabling STE on Baofeng and Wouxun (maybe other Chinese radios) causes the radio to send a 55 Hz tone for about 250 mS (1/4 second) when the radio unkeys. When the receiver detects a 55 Hz tone it mutes. the STE menu setting has no effect on the receiver. It responds to the 55 Hz tone all the time unless DCS decode is enabled.

On the UV-5R menus 36 RP-STE and 37 RPT-RL are non functional. I don't know if they are on the UV-82.

DCS squelch tail elimination on Baofeng and Wouxun is the same standard 134.4 Hz DCS turnoff code as used by other manufacturers and and should be compatible, but on my radios DCS STE doesn't always mute properly.

Otto 10-04-2014 5:56 PM

My UV-82 had an annoying squelch trail as well. But I noticed that if I added the appropriate receive CTCSS tone to the system I was listening to, the squelch trail seemed quite a bit diminished.
Also, since the worst squelch trails I have noticed where on Public Safety systems, I programmed them in a receive only channels via the Baofeng programming software available at the Miklor site.

YMMV, because there is also the chance that I just got used to the squelch trail noise.

Stealthguy05 10-06-2014 8:07 PM

Some radio systems around here seem drop the tone on the repeater half a second to 1 second before the repeater drops. That seems to mute the audio before the squelch tail happens

Colton25 05-29-2015 6:46 PM

So still no fix to this annoying issue?

scanmanmi 01-25-2018 7:53 PM

Yes it's an old thread but it's a horrible problem. I just got my 82 and the squelch tail is so bad I can't keep this radio. I love it but it's got to go if I can find another quieter one. The receive is great and I am getting a little more than advertised power. I can hit repeaters I never dreamed I could. The scan is very slow. Are there any HTs with a better squelch tail?

nd5y 01-25-2018 8:09 PM

Did you try adjusting the squelch setting levels with Chirp?
UV5R/UV82 Squelch Levels - Miklor
If you set the levels higher it will reduce the squelch tail time but then you may not be able to receive weak stations at all.

nd5y 01-25-2018 8:13 PM


Originally Posted by nd5y (Post 2259131)
On the UV-5R menus 36 RP-STE and 37 RPT-RL are non functional. I don't know if they are on the UV-82.

I wrote that back in 2014 before I figured out what those do.
If you need to know the answer see Repeater STE and RL.

scanmanmi 01-25-2018 8:48 PM

I was hesitant about buying the programming plug but I guess I'll give it a try. Found some reviews here

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