Harris P7300 MAEV-87HXX Hand Held Radio 7/800MHz c/w charger, speaker mic

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This offer is for up to 12 radios with chargers and mics as seen in the first picture. If you do not need any particular listed component and want to pay less as a result, please feel free to make an offer with your interests stated. Payment will be by PayPal or direct deposit, or electronic deposit to my Bank of America account or Canadian CIBC account The radios are listed elsewhere. nut are less expensive here.

Price with FREE SHIPPING for one is $295 and for four is $950.
Harris P7300 x 4 radio.jpg

These radios are clean and appear not to have seen much use. The package includes the radios, four matched Harris radio chargers and speaker mics with earphone plugs. If you would rather have OTTO mics, these are available at no extra cost for switching. The radios and mics all have the orange emergency button on them. The Harris CH 104560007 chargers operate on standard 110 volt North American current and do work with these radios

It is unclear which feature codes are enabled on these radios, however there is a screen shot in the pics that shows some of the display indicators. If you have knowledge as to how to access the code enabled display, please write and we can send you pics of what comes up when this is accessed.

According to Harris the MAEV-87HXX model of radio has these features:
The P7300 is a single-band, software defined portable radio that is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the P7100," said Dennis Maddox, director, product management, Harris Public Safety and Professional Communications. "In addition to its smaller size, the P7300 is software upgradable to P25 Phase 2. As a software defined radio the P7300 can host multiple operating modes, including Project 25 (P25) digital trunking, P25 digital conventional, EDACS® , ProVoice™ or analog conventional. The radio can support any combination of these modes or just one. The P7300 also meets the drop, temperature, pressure, weather and vibration requirements stated in MIL-STD-810F, as well as U.S. Forest Service vibration requirements. In addition, the portable radio meets dust and immersion requirements for IP-67.l. The P7300 radio has an environmental test certification of 1.5 meter drop shock to concrete using parameters of TIA-603-C 1.0 meter drop shock specifications.

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