HP Agilent 8920A/B Communications service monitors for sale

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I will be selling up to 13 HP/Agilent 8920A/B Communications Service Monitors over the next several weeks/months.

The photos posted are representative, since the units are so far pretty similiar in their options and features.

Not every one has a spectrum analyzer option. Some do, some don't.

This one that I am offering in this listing is an 8920B, and it does NOT have the spectrum analyzer option.

This one has options 001, 004, 009, 010, and 020 factory installed.

Opt 001 High-Stability Time Base
Opt 004 Tone/Digital Signaling
Opt 009 Electronic Attenuator Input Option
Opt 011 CCITT W eighting Filter
Opt 020 Radio Interface Card
Its software options include EDACS, LTR, and MPT1327 test.

The unit has been tested and all functions are found to be working properly. The receiver is sensitive and easily pulls in off-the-air signals with any short piece of wire
used as an antenna in the antenna input. The signal generator functions work correctly. The scope function works correctly.
The unit gives no errors. The CRT is bright and clear with no visible wear patterns or screen burn.

To the best of my knowledge and ability, this unit is in good working order and needs no repairs.

It is not calibrated. But it's close enough that I have no reason to think it would not calibrate normally.

It's not going to do P25 servicing, but for conventional analog service it's a good unit in good condition.

Sorry, I don't have the front cover for it. They were not available from the company I bought these from,
a communications manufacturer you have probably heard of.

This unit will ship in custom made foam inserts in a generously sized box. Shipping via UPS ground or international priority mail.

Box dimensions: 30 by 20 by 12 inches, shipping weight about 45 pounds.

Price: I'm asking 1800 dollars US for this unit. Feel free to make a counteroffer. I base pricing on what similar units have sold for
on ebay and other sites recently.

Trades: Certain radio trades will be welcomed.

I am looking for either a Motorola APX8000 with all bands enabled, or a Harris XL-200P with all bands enabled.
Either way, it needs to have P25 trunking, Phase 1 at the minimum, Phase II preferred.

I would trade a few of these monitors for either of those radios. (Two, negotiable. Maybe even three?)

I'm listing these units one at a time as they are evaluated and sold.


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