Icom IC-A22 VHF Aviation Handheld NAV/COM Transceiver Bundle

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Transceiver features 50-channel frequency memory. Each memory slot can be programmed with not only a frequency, but also an alphanumeric identifier as well. There are two nav modes: DVOR mode and CDI mode. In DVOR mode, the radio display acts as a digital RMI and continuously displays either your radial from or your bearing too the station. In CDI mode, you can specify the radial or bearing that you want to fly (OBS setting) and the radio displays a pseudo-analog course deviation bar that shows you whether you are left or right of the desired course. If you tune in a localizer frequency, the IC-A22 displays the letters "LOC"in place of the usual RMI display.
- 5 watts PEP, 1.5 watts carrier
- Duplex operation (transmit to a FSS while listening on a VOR frequency).
- One-button selection of 121.5 MHz emergency frequency.
- Reception of all ten VHF FM marine weather channels.
- Band scanning and memory scanning (with programmable lockout).
- Selectable automatic noise limiter (ANL) function to reduce ignition noise.
- Low battery indicator and over-voltage caution indicator.

Accessories included:
- OPC-499 Headset Adapter Cable
- FA-B01AR flexible "rubber duckie" antenna
- LC-122 vinyl carrying case
- HI166 12V Ni-MH 1100mAh Battery
- CM-166 12V Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery
- Icom 12 Volt Cigarette Lighter Cable
- Belt clip with attaching screws (currently attached to transceiver)
- Instruction Manual
- Original Box

Wall Charger is NOT Included.

All in Very Good Condition. Powers up, worked fine last time used. As-is, no guarantee. Please refer to pictures for actual condition of all items. This will be packaged with great care; you can buy with confidence knowing your item will leave my hands securely.

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