Kenwood TH-D74A Tri-Band Handheld

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Up for sale is a Kenwood TH-D74A handheld 2M/220/70cm tri-band radio, packed w/ lots of features and the advantage of having analog and D-STAR as well as APRS function on analog. It features a color TFT display that has excellent visibility during the day or night. Also includes built-in GPS, Bluetooth support, and a 16-GB microSD card/SDHC included for extra memory saving. I have used this radio 1 time and has been in its original packaging since I bought it. I have 14 other handhelds and found I never really needed to use this one, albeit is a NICE radio!! They are selling brand new $800-$900 and that’s without all these expensive additional items like lapel mics and headset and things, which put the value of all these items to over $1200... There’s not a scratch on this radio or any of the items listed. I’m asking $800 PayPal or Cash App or whatever other electronic payment means, but willing to negotiate somewhat. Contact me via my private message or eMail on here...

As you’ll see in the photos I’ve attached all original packaging & boxes are included. It comes with:

• 1 Kenwood TH-D74A handheld transceiver
• 2 OEM Kenwood KNB-75L 1800 mAh Li-Ion batteries
• 1 Kenwood KSC-25LS rapid drop-in charger
• 1 OEM Kenwood SMA male tri-band rubber duck antenna
• 1 OEM Diamond SRH-320A 14-inch tri-band antenna
• 1 OEM Kenwood KMC lapel mic
• 1 OEM Kenwood SMC-34 lapel mic w/ volume knob & 3 shortcut buttons
• 1 OEM Kenwood A/C adapter plug to radio
• 1 OEM Kenwood PG-3J cigarette lighter charger to radio
• 1 Heil HTH-K over-the-ear headset w/ boom mic
• 150-page Kenwood TH-D74A manual
• Nifty mini-manual TH-D74A speed notes

Radio features & specs are below:

144-148, 222-225, 430-450 MHz
RX: 136-174, 216-260, 410-470 MHz
  • Compatible with the APRS communication protocol, for real-time two-way data transmission using packet communications. This stand-alone device enables the enjoyment of communications through a variety of features, including sharing of local and GPS positional information, and message exchange.
  • Other station positional information, weather station information
  • Station list, object compatibility
  • Messaging functionality
  • QSY Functionality
  • KISS mode TNC
  • APRS menu settings
  • Compatible with D-STAR, the amateur radio communications network that has voice mode and data mode. Both local and international communications are possible through diverse operations including simplex communications, single repeater relay communications, and inter-repeater gateway communications.
  • DV fast data mode
  • Simple operation in DR (D-STAR repeater) mode
  • Setting via the digital function menu
  • Easily updated repeater list
  • Kenwood proprietary sound
  • Compatible with wideband and multimode reception
  • Built-in IF receive filter
  • IF output mode
  • High-performance DSP voice processing
  • Visibility display and user-friendly operation
  • Tough weatherproofing meeting IEC 529 IP-54/ 55 standards
  • Easily understandable pop-up screens
  • Dual frequency reception (VxV, UxU, and VxU functions)
  • Micro USB (Serial, Mass Storage Class, USB Audio) to enable use of external decoding software Bluetooth (SPP, HSP) support
  • External Decode function (PC Decode 12kHz IF output, BW: 15 kHz)
  • Voice Recording (Files size up to microSD memory capacity)
  • CSV Data Import / Export, (Digital Repeater List, Callsign, List_Digital)
  • GPS Logger mode (Un-limited Number of Data stored to microSD memory)
  • I think that’s everything but feel free to ask me a question, private message me on here.


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