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This radio is in excellent condition, is fully functional, and was recently tuned. It does not have factory tags (see photos).

The feature set is robust, and includes 3000 channels, TDMA (phase 2), AES, DES and ADP software encryption, front panel programming (FPP), and many other features. The radio is not locked with an advanced system key (ASK).

These are the details of the radio (also see the screenshots from CPS).

Model: H92UCH9PW7AN
S/N = 837CTxxxxx
Codeplug Ver: R27.00.01
Firmware Ver: R27.03.00
Tuning Ver.: R.01.00.00
PSDT Ver: R07.00.00
Bootloader Ver: R27.03.00
Flashcode: 9AQm6B-G3HE90-9-0G0000-000000

Q806: ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation
G996: Over the Air Provisioning
Q52: Federal Government FPP
Q498: Multikey Encryption w/ OTAR
QA00569: Primary Band: 700/800
QA09006: Adaptive Noise Suppression
QA06653: APX AES Software Encryption
QA09001: Wifi Capability
QA00583: Enable Bluetooth Operation
QA01749: Legacy SW System Key Enable
QA01771: Enhancement Level 2
QA01843: Man Down Operation
H38: SmartZone Systems Operation
Q667: ADP Software Encryption
QA00782: Enable GPS/GNSS Operation
QA01770: Enhancement Level 1
Q947: APCO Packet Data Interface
QA03399: Enhanced Data Operation
Q387: Conventional Voting Scan
Q173: SmartZone Omnilink MultiZone Operation
QA00982: Site Selectable Alert
QA00580: Enable TDMA Operation
Q361: ASTRO 25 9600 Baud Trunking
QA07949: APX DES Software Encryption

Last programmed with CPS R27.00.01

The radio comes with the following accessories:

1. Motorola 700/800 GPS Antenna (used).
2. Motorola PMNN4993A Impres Li-ion battery (new/fresh, conditioned and tested).
3. Motorola PMNN4424AR Impres Li-ion battery (used, good condition, conditioned and tested).
4. Motorola PMPN4137A Impres charger (new/unused).
5. Motorola accessory port cover (used).
6. Motorola belt clip for battery (used).

I have two zones programmed in the radio. One zone is FPP and other zone is programmed for passive (non-affiliate) scanning of Sacramento area police and fire agencies. I will leave that programming in the radio unless you request that I delete the programming at the time of purchase.

Note: As with all Motorola radios, programming a trunking system will require a system key. You will also require APX CPS R27 or above and a programming cable. I do not I do not provide system keys, CPS, or programming cables.

The price is $595 plus $22.70 for USPS Priority Mail shipping. I do not ship outside of the United States so please do not ask.

All sales are final and returns will not be accepted. All items are fully operational but otherwise are sold as-is.

Please ask all questions before you buy and make sure that this is the item that you want. Once you buy the item then it is yours and is not returnable for any reason whatsoever. I do not offer a return policy because there are unscrupulous buyers who change components to repair their broken radios and then request a return.








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