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I started making these sturdy bases for portable shortwave radios. After looking everywhere for something like this I decided to just make it myself.

I wanted something with some weight to it so that it would sit stoutly on the desk, so I used a heavy maple and added rubber feet to the bottom. I spent some time getting the spacings right so that it would sit at the optimal viewing/operating angle. I lined the interior “radio cavity” with a felt backing to protect from scuffing, and I added a silicone “grip strip” along the bottom so that it secures the radio in place while resting inside.

End result,.. A desktop radio experience for light portables. You can now press a button on the face of the radio and not slide it back down the table 😂. You can also have antenna lines plugged in and the rigidity of the cable doesn’t move the radio around either. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve just never liked having to pick up these type of radios, play them like a GameBoy, and then put them back down. And nowadays, portables in this form factor seems to be nearly 100% of what manufacturers are bringing to market.

I shared my build with another SWL group that I was in and immediately started receiving requests. Since I had some remaining materials I made a few for some other people but the requests continued. So I guess I’m sort of in business with this. I went and bought some more materials and I figured I’d spread word to you guys as well. I do a 5”, which is perfect for the small units like the CC Skywave SSB and the Tecsun PL-330, and I also do a 7” which is good for anything from a Grundig Yacht Boy, PL-880, 990, on up to a Sony ICF-2010.

The 5” is $20 and the 7” is $23. I do a flat $9 for domestic shipping.

If you’re interested send me an email at ryangassxx@gmail.com.


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